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A careful study of design associated with the use of the most modern production techniques and the best materials, characterizes the range of Emmegiemme products.

Emmegiemme Plows

We want to give the guarantee of a safe and reliable product, service and competence
Emmegiemme is distinguished for transparency and services to customers.

Emmegiemme was founded in 1982 by Mangeri family, thanks to many years of sales experience.

The company is specialized in the production of plows in Italy and in some European Countries. The attention to the market and new requirements has led to the development of more new equipments that were able to respond satisfactorily to the demands of a market that is subject to constant change.

Both the design and construction from the start is performed directly in the company with the most modern technological applications and the use of the best materials ensuring a high-level quality made in Italy.
The deep corporate experience has allowed the development of a wide range of plows able to satisfy the most varied processing needs of the soil, in all environmental conditions and, not least, the minimum tillage, with the development of a specific equipment for the conservation in soil.

Innovation, efficiency and customization are the pillars on which stands Emmegiemme: are always designed new solutions that allow to increase the yield, minimizing the energy used.

Production Focus

Emmegiemme manufactures different types of plows. Several are the parameters that contribute to the definition of a classification of a plow:

  • the type of soil and of crop to be obtained
  • the depth to which you want to push the plowing
  • the width, the depth and the power of the tractor
  • the mode with which to perform the turning of the furrow and the crushing

The goal of each plow is to prepare the ground for sowing, cover the seeds and fertilizers, to exterminate the weeds through accurate movements of the ground.
Ploughing allows to chop, stir, aerate the soil, increasing absorption of water and activating the chemical and biological processes for plants nutrition.

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