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Our products range of plows accessories

The accessories includes mouldboard, traditionals, stripped, various options of skimmer,
so you can improve the plows based on the specific requirements of use.

Mouldboard Cylindric
MOD. 2 e 2M
Suitable for superficial ploughing.
Working depth: 15-32 cm.
Mouldboard Cylindric
MOD. 3-4 e 5
Suitable for all kind of soil, for medium working width.
Working depth: 28-40 cm.
Mouldboard Cylindric
MOD. 6-7
Suitable for deep working.
Working depth: 40-50 cm.
Helicoidal stripped Mouldboard
MOD. 2S-4S e 6S
Suitable for perfect soil break up.
Working depth: 25-45 cm.
Helicoidal stripped Mouldboard
MOD. 3T-4T-5T e 7T
Suitable for ploughing with large pneumatics.
Working depth: 20-45 cm.
Plough share on Teflon with wear and fear parts made on steel
Suitable for soil very sticky and wet.
Working depth: 28-40 cm.
Plough share on boron steel
(standard equipment)
Externally heat-treated.
Wear and tear resistant.
Plough With reversible and interchangeable push rod.
Normal Skimmer (standard equipment)
Skimmer for Rise (optional)
Skimmer for Sweet Corn (optional)
Pendulum Wheel
Gum Wheel
Combined Wheel for transport and work

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