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Customer Services

Emmegiemme takes care of their customers from production to sale,
ensuring support in maintenance and granting an efficient after sales assistance.

Spare parts & Wear parts

Our work continues after the sale. We have an active after-sales service in order to support our customer during the entire useful life of the plow purchased. Spare parts & wearing parts are always available, our products are original and exclusive design.


To ensure a longer life of the plow and to prevent losses from an efficiency point of view, we recommend periodic maintenance. Our professional personnel is qualified to check that all components of agricultural machinery are in good condition and the calibration is still not optimal in relation to soil conditions.

Professional Solutions

The importance given to people at EMMEGIEMME ensures that the highest standards are maintained when designing new products.
A combination of employee expertise and unswerving customer focus is our basis for devising professional solution. We study the most appropriate plow listening to the needs of our customers, analyzing the objective characteristics of the soil and all conditions that may affect its activity.
EMMEGIEMME focuses on customer proximity and offers high-quality products with the best possible price/performance benefits.

Custom made

We know that each farmer has to perfom their work in a unique way: every field is different, ony practical, hands-on experience will reveal the demands placed on machines by professional crop production practices.
Practical experience is the most important support to our design engineers allowing to gain valuable feedback for the development and optimisation of our product range.
Emmegiemme, thanks to the flexibility which characterizes its structure, is able to design custom made machines, designed to fully meet the needs of the world's farmers and contractors.

Plow Setting

The plow calibration is a delicate phase that if not done correctly could compromise the work as well as the plow itself.
For this reason we care to follow our customers in the initial operations to enable them to perform an optimal job, saving on consumption and thus maximizing the lifetime of the plow.

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