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Subsoiler With Curved Ballasts

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Progetto Subsoiler With Curved Ballasts

The subsoilers with curved ballasts are used to till the soil on two layers without overturning it. The decompactors go deep down into the soil and break it up for oxygenation and drainage.
It consists of a resistance monolithic high strength tubular frame from 120x120mm to which are screwed on two opposite rows the curved ballasts Michel types. This configuration enables an optimal processing of the whole working width.
The advantages in its use for both soil and cultures are:

  • Possibility to work in moist soil
  • Absence of lifting stones
  • Reduces water stagnation on the surface
  • Reduces the risk of root asphyxia
  • Promotes water reserves in depth
  • Not increases the volume of the soil worked favoring the aeration of compacted soil
  • Minimal reduction of uprooting of the turf surface.
Subsoilers are maufactured for working width from 280 to 400 cm both with fixed and foldable frame up to 360 hp.
Subsoilers can be equipped with different types of rollers and with front cutting discs.

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Subsoiler With Curved Ballasts


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